Kickstarting Tasty Bakery

I'm really excited about this— Ann Arbor area's Tasty Bakery is looking to open a brick-and-mortar shop! Which means more of their gluten-free and vegan desserts and breads. Honestly, I like their baked goods not just because they're wheat free, but because they're delicious. Their teff bread makes great sandwiches, their savory rosemary crackers make... Continue Reading →

Tasty Bakery review: the sweetness of gluten-free

Finding delicious, satisfying treats when eating gluten-free or vegan can be like a scavenger hunt. But discovering Tasty Bakery tucked among the produce stalls at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market’s is like discovering a treasure trove: rich brownies, chewy cookies, and other seasonal treats. Baker Julie Rabinovitz, who has Celiac's, has been crafting gluten-free sweets... Continue Reading →

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