Hot air ballooning & savoring a salad

Nothing like a balloon flight to take one's mind off of traveling jitters. I leave the country this Sunday, and have been cramming in last-minute get togethers with friends. And last week, that took me to Pagosa Springs in Colorado. The weather was sunny and calm, perfect for flying. There's something so zen, yet so... Continue Reading →

Transitions: between here and there

I could blame jet lag, but that's only partially true. I am behind on writing— so here's some photos of cats with food, until I can catch up on the traveling posts and recipes. Life has happened (in the form of a job hunt, flight overseas, visiting family and teaching.)  In the meantime, though, I'm... Continue Reading →

31 and a half hours in Warsaw

While planning this trip, I kept seeing articles with names like “36 hours in Warsaw,” which reminded me of other travel articles about 24 or 72 hours in a city, and I wondered whose trips and lives fall so neatly into those types of hours. Here’s my trip, and doesn’t fall into a neat time... Continue Reading →

(Just like) starting over

I moved to the Czech Republic last Thursday to finish my grad degree, and I discovered that my dorm only comes equipped with a hot plate. A hot plate? Also, my previous tenants left behind three wine glasses and one fork. Between my student teaching, learning what "gluten" is in Czech, and buying some actual pots... Continue Reading →

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