Turkish-syle stuffed peppers

These stuffed peppers will make your house smell absolutely delicious. This is an adaptation of a Turkish recipe I saw at a demo given by the Turkish American Society of Michigan. While the blend of mint and cinnamon was unusual and delicious, I wanted something more filling than just rice. I used walnuts because they’re... Continue Reading →

Turkish lentil soup, with mint

Lentil soup is delicious, easy to make and nutritious— and on my quest to re-create the soup I dined on in Turkey, I took a Turkish cooking class from the Turkish American Cultural Center in Troy.Very glad I did— because while I love the thick lentil soup I make with cumin, this lighter soup is very... Continue Reading →

Vegan Turkish Menemen

I discovered this simple yet delicious breakfast in Istanbul. Back in my own kitchen, I’ve found this dish is easy to make and very filling. Unlike an omelette, the ingredients are just scrambled together. While menemen is usually made with eggs, I’ve substituted tofu for this version. And a note on the peppers: how spicy... Continue Reading →

Turkish Yogurt Soup

While yogurt soup may sound strange, this soup has a wonderful, distinctive flavor and is also very filling. When I first had this soup in Turkey, I had no idea it was made of yogurt. Since it had rice in it and an herb I couldn’t identify, I assumed it was some type of rice... Continue Reading →

Red lentil köfte (mercimek köftesi)

I happened on this food by accident— a wonderful, slightly inebriated, delightful accident. This is the one time I didn’t quite believe my students. Usually, köfte refers to Turkish meatballs. My younger students often named köfte, meatballs, as their favorite food. However, my older students insisted that there was a vegetarian version of köfte, made with... Continue Reading →

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