31 and a half hours in Warsaw

While planning this trip, I kept seeing articles with names like “36 hours in Warsaw,” which reminded me of other travel articles about 24 or 72 hours in a city, and I wondered whose trips and lives fall so neatly into those types of hours. Here’s my trip, and doesn’t fall into a neat time... Continue Reading →

Cabbage & rice noodle pancakes

The recipe was invented so I could enjoy the fried veggie pancakes I’ve seen in Poland, and also to deal with a surplus of rice noodles. When I first moved to the Czech Republic, I bought wayyy more rice noodles then I needed. Since I was unfamiliar with the grocery stores and what was available,... Continue Reading →

Discovering the greenery in Belgrade

Belgrade reminds me of Bratislava, in that it’s an interesting, often very pretty capital city, overshadowed by its more famous neighbors. And I was especially taken by its greenery, and the lovely riverside. I will admit, when I passed over the Hungarian border, and out of the European Union, I realized I felt a little... Continue Reading →

Yes, Virginia, I do have issues with wheat

Making fun of gluten-free food is just about as trendy as eating it. And honestly, I’m really dang tired of random acquaintances, family, co-workers, exes and people in my Facebook feed suddenly becoming nutritional experts and lecturing me about what I should and shouldn’t eat. (A word: most of my friends and close family have... Continue Reading →

Enjoying the vegan buffet in Prague

I think the all-vegan Loving Hut in Prague slowly became one of my favorite restaurants— and a great reason to hop a train to the city. Between the selection of gluten-free and raw cakes, to their simple and tasty veggie and tofu combinations, there hasn’t been a trip to Prague where I haven’t eaten at... Continue Reading →

Bike trip to a castle

  Lovely day for a bike ride— warm, sunny, but not too hot— through woodsy paths and little winding roads in the Czech Republic. Our destination: the castle Kunětická horawhich was near-ish to Hradec Králové. We did make a pitstop at the recently opened lookout tower Rozhledna Milíř, which had a great view of the... Continue Reading →

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