La Forge, nice guys, and racism

After my last video about Star Trek, where I talked about consent, I decided there was another topic I needed to explore in more depth: Next Generation’s chief engineer Geordi La Forge. In particular, his unfortunate creepiness and “nice guy” qualities in two Trek episodes, “Booby Trap” and “Galaxy’s Child.” Both these episodes focus on... Continue Reading →

Consent in Star Trek

Content warning: discussion of rape and sexual assault Since I’ve been stuck at home because of the pandemic, I decided to watch Star Trek: Enterprise for the first time. While I love all the other Trek shows— Deep Space 9 is my favorite, and I’ve even seen all the Animated Series!— I just never gave... Continue Reading →

Don’t reboot True Blood

Video here When I learned about the possible reboot of True Blood, HBO’s sexy vampire show, I rolled my eyes. Don’t get me wrong. While I enjoyed True Blood… it’s not like this show is a classic. At best, it was campy, sexy trash that got blood and semen all over Twilight’s glittering memory. At... Continue Reading →

Recovering from the 2020 election

It’s over… I should probably talk about this election. Alright, first: I have a message for my family. The ones living in small towns, rural areas and suburbs in various states in the midwest. Hi! So, I know we’ve gotten into arguments on Facebook over the past four years, and some of us kinda aren’t... Continue Reading →

Poland’s massive pro-choice protests ***** ***

If you live in Poland, of course you’ve heard about the massive, country-wide pro-choice protests that have been happening since the 23rd of October. If you’re not in Poland, here’s the deal: on Thursday, 22 of October 2020, Poland’s constitutional tribunal court ruled that abortion due to birth defects is unconstitutional. These type of abortions... Continue Reading →

Marxists in Detroit!?!

So, despite my name, I usually don’t talk about Detroit issues much on this channel, but I gotta make an exception. On the 24 of Sept, 2020, the Detroit chief of Police, James Craig, jumped on the “protesters are financed by outside Marxists” bandwagon. The evidence? Uhaul trucks full of canvas signs!  Here is exactly... Continue Reading →

A lefty critique of the Fountainhead

CW: rape mention. What 1950s dystopian novel contained a scene where frustrated factory workers sabotage the machinery to prevent it from falling into the wrong handas? Probably the last book you’d think of is 1957’s Atlas Shrugged by divisive figure Ayn Rand. Trying to classify her novel is hard— it’s a massive, weighty thing, one... Continue Reading →

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