Green bean salad

This post is not quite a recipe— it’s more a musing on the passing of time, and how I’m going to miss my grandmother’s garden. Though I did cook something with her this summer, something delicious. My aunt’s garden had a ton of beans this summer— and so my grandmother made green bean salad. It’s... Continue Reading →

Polish-style tomato soup, vegan

A classic Polish soup, I’ve savored this dish in several restaurants in Poland— as well as the Czech Republic. Simple, yet delicious and filling, I’ve always had this soup served with curly pasta (occasionally with rice.) This is a recipe you’ll need for the summer, when your garden goes crazy with tomatoes. While this soup... Continue Reading →

Vegan fish cakes

After vacationing in Denmark, I realized something. While there were fabulous vegan restaurants, none of them had vegan takes on traditional Danish food (at least none that I’ve found.) Since I didn’t find a Vegan Viking restaurant, I decided to try to make my own. Fish cakes were popular on all the restaurant menus I... Continue Reading →

Vulcan Plomeek Soup (vegan)

Star Trek trivia: Vulcans are vegetarians. And after reading about the passing of Leonard Nimoy on Friday, I decided I needed to do something in memoriam, other than watch Star Trek reruns on YouTube and sniffling. Like many others, to me, Spock represented a slightly awkward, overly intelligent outsider, who never felt truly at home... Continue Reading →

Sugar noodles (Makaron z cukrem)

Yes, this is a communist dessert. I first saw this recipe on East Germany museum's restaurant's menu, and my then-dining companion recognized it from his childhood. When candy and chocolate was scarce, it made an easy dessert for kids, in a pinch. For my birthday, I asked him to make it for me, as I love noodles—... Continue Reading →

Olivier Salad (vegan option)

The first time I had this salad was on Easter in Poland, with my now-only platonic dining companion’s family, and brings back a memory of a wonderful, comforting meal. Since I was initially worried about finding veggie foods, I was delighted by this dish. Packed full of veggies, it’s much lighter than the mustardy American... Continue Reading →

Rici bici (family Christmas recipe)

For the holidays at my grandmother’s house, it wasn’t ham or turkey served up on the special heirloom china: it was a rich casserole of rice, beans and vegetables. This dish will always remind me of the holidays, and sitting around the table with family, Christmas tree lights twinkling in the background. Inspired by some... Continue Reading →

Comfort food: milk soup

All my flatmates have colds, so I’ve been asking my students about Polish home remedies for coughs. One of my students mentioned garlic mixed with hot milk. Which sounded gross at first, but then I realized it reminded me of a childhood cold remedy: milk soup. While it’s very simple— just warm milk and a... Continue Reading →

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