Pink frosted, gluten-free Trader Joe’s cupcakes!

Trader Joe's gluten-free cupcakes.
Trader Joe’s gluten-free cupcakes.

When you’re single and Valentine’s Day rolls around, there’s a few things you can do: you can angst and gripe about being single,  you can enjoy that you don’t have to buy anyone a teddy bear or overpriced chocolates. Or, you can buy pink cupcakes for you and your roommates.

When I was shopping at Trader Joe’s recently, I saw something wonderful: a pile of baked goodies, with pink cupcakes on top. Best of all, the label read gluten-free— and finding fresh, not frozen, wheat-less cupcakes made me really happy.

Gluten-free cupcake.
Gluten-free cupcake.

Even better, the cupcakes were very tasty. Small and moist, with creamy frosting that is just sweet enough. I was very impressed with their gluten-free cupcakes. I’m going to have to keep my eye on their baked goods section more carefully— I didn’t realize that Trader Joe’s did gluten-free baking in-house.

And like those cupcakes, this post is short and sweet— I’m going out of town this weekend.



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