Blueberry muffins, and a major life change

All But Gluten's blueberry muffin.
All But Gluten’s blueberry muffin.

There are breakfasts with family, and then there are breakfasts with family on the day you fly out of the country. (Yes, I’m leaving the country, again!)

A family member brought along a new gluten-free brand— All But Gluten— which makes both blueberry muffins and coconut macaroons.muffin box

These muffins were great (I’d say they’re even better than Udi’s, mainly because they’re smaller and not as sweet.) They have a light, rich flavor that shows off the sweetness and bite of the blueberries, which were plentiful. I liked them so much, I took several on the plane with me, to.

If you’re curious about purchasing these: they are a Canadian company, and one I haven’t encountered before in the greater metro Detroit/Ann Arbor area. However, they were at Bueche’s in northern Oakland County.

On the major change: I’ve moved back to Poland! Starting a new teaching job. While I still have some American-made products to post about, the focus of this blog is going to switch back to recipes and traveling. (Yes, I know it’s been a while since I posted a new recipe— got a few I’ve been working on!)


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