Locally made salad dressing

salad dressing


Until I learn to make my own salad dressing— which I fully intend to make this New Year’s resolution— I’m on the hunt for tasty salad dressing that isn’t full of corn syrup or long lists of chemically ingredients.

Teta Foods Fattoush dressing is great for all kinds of salads. Light and rich in flavor, this is a great dressing for any greens (I like it on strawberry and spinach salad, too.) Also, I’ve tried their garlic spread— it’s delicious.

Aunt Mid’s Garlic Vinaigrette is a another light, flavorful dressing I’ve come to love.

Both of these dressings I found at Meijer and Kroger (often in the local section.) However, I’ve also seen them at local co-ops as well.

I’m a bit behind in posting recipes— and until I get caught up, figured I would throw a few product suggestions out there! What are your favorite store-bought dressings?

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