Embracing the single life: the bliss of frozen, gluten-free pizza

Schar's gluten-free pizza.
Schar’s gluten-free pizza.

So I got dumped shortly before I moved to Poland, the closest gluten-free pizza is 4 hours away in Berlin, and it’s my birthday. What’s a girl to do?

Discover Schär’s gluten-free pizza in the freezer section at the local Piotr i Paweł grocery store, that’s what. I’ve been on the hunt for gluten-free pizza here in central Europe, but I’ve struck out— at Tesco, at Carrefour, at Kaufland, at Biedronka, and at every other health-food store I checked. While Tesco has some veggie burgers, the selection of pre-packaged, gluten-free vegetarian foods here is basically non-existent.

So when I saw the stack of Schär’s pizza boxes in the freezer case, I was extremely happy.


Now: to review the pizza! This stuff was so tasty, I don’t understand why Schär doesn’t sell this crust to every restaurant in North America. Thin, crunchy, flavorful, topped with savory herbs and cheese and just the right amount of tangy tomato sauce. It was everything frozen pizza should be: easy to prepare and simple to enjoy.

The marbled chocolate cake by Schär is pretty good, too— rich chocolate flavor, but a touch on the dry side. Serve it with ice cream and tea, and you’re all set.

Chocolate cake.
Chocolate cake.

Full disclosure: while I may be broken up, there’s something else I’ve discovered: Central European hospitality. My ex found candles, wrapped gifts and taught me how to toast in Polish: “Sto lat, sto lat!…” which means, to another hundred years.

While this wasn’t the birthday I expected, I have a new notebook, a new place to buy pizza, and a new toast.

Here’s to the next hundred years.


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